lunch & dinner

enso cafe - favorite dishes Beer battered fish and chips with mixed leaf salad and homemade green herb mayonnaise sauce 7.80
Basil risotto with sauteed squid 7.20
enso cafe - vegan dish Beetroot walnut bread sandwich sliced beetroot, sauteed onions and avocado smash 6.20
enso cafe - vegan dish Eggplant stacks basil tomato sauce and roasted capsicum & mushroom, topped with pumpkin seeds 7.00
Homemade potato gnocchi with walnut pesto 7.80
Mushroom pasta with snap peas, beef stock & parmesan cheese 7.50
Chicken salad sandwich with homemade crisps 6.70
enso cafe - vegan dish Fresh spring roll cucumber, carrot, celery, spinach & quinoa with toppo sauce 5.50
enso cafe - vegan dish Shepherdless pie lentils, corn, peas, carrots 7.00 topped with baked yam & potato mash with
a side of mixed leaf salad
* please allow 15 min for preparation time
Garlic Prawn tacos w/ slaw and avocado smashed on soft flour tortillas 6.00
BBQ pulled pork tacos w/ slaw and chipotle 6.00 creme on soft flour tortillas 6.00
enso cafe - vegan dish BBQ pulled jackfruit tacos w/ tomato salsa 5.00 bell pepper and cashew cheese on soft flour
Shallot & balsamic tarte tatin with goats cheese, beetroot and watercress salad 7.00
Grilled red snapper with herb butter & ratatouille 8.50
Pan seared mackerel topped with a butter garlic & green pea sauce, with a side of spinach and riced cauliflower 7.80
enso cafe - vegan dish Cauliflower steak pan seared cauliflower in a balsamic and truffle oil dressing, topped with chickpeas and green peas 7.20
enso cafe - favorite dishes Sous vide chicken potato & parmesan gnocchi, 8.50 mushrooms & corn puree 8.50
enso cafe - vegan dish Pici pasta with prawns, broccoli, anchovy, chilli & lemon 8.00
Pan seared sea bass on top of braised potato & pencil leeks with truffle vinaigrette, herb salad 8.80
Red snapper, potato and leek pie with mixed leaf salad 8.80
Please allow 15 min for preparation time
Duck confit with braised lentils, fennel & cress salad 9.80
enso cafe - favorite dishes Grilled salmon with cream mustard sauce & roasted baby root vegetables 9.00
Tuna tartare with avocado smash & tomato jelly, cucumber, coriander and parsley 8.50
enso cafe - vegan dish Mushroom risotto prepared with a trio of mushrooms, topped with shaved parmesan cheese 7.00
enso cafe - vegan dish Grain free veggie bowl with chickpeas, riced cauliflower, chopped bell pepper topped with cashew nut cheese 6.20
Pan fried chicken with olive sauce & creamy mashed potato 8.00


Seared scallops and bacon 7.50
enso cafe - vegan dish Beetroot with quinoa & goats cheese 7.00
enso cafe - vegan dish Roasted cauliflower with indian spices & labneh 6.50
enso cafe - vegan dish Green chopped salad with asparagus, walnut & egg 6.50
enso cafe - vegan dish Roasted pumpkin with rocket & pine nuts 6.00
Caesar 6.00
Fresh mozzarella with beetroot, avocado & tomato 6.80


Stufato di agnello lamb stew with broccoli, carrots, parsley and thyme, topped with pistachio dukkah 9.50
Beef stew with potato, carrots & green peas, served with sourdough bread 9.50
enso cafe - vegan dish Farmer veggies stew with sweet potato, pumpkin, green peas, spinach and carrots
(spicy on request!)


enso cafe - vegan dish Mushroom potato consommé straw & shiitake and coconut cream capsicum 6.80
Crèmes broccoli onion spinach & cream 5.80
Crèmes pumpkin, carrot, sweet potato, onion & cream 5.80
enso cafe - vegan dish Lentils carrots, celery, mixed spices 5.80
enso cafe - vegan dish = vegan or can be prepared vegan friendly
enso cafe - favorite dishes = Enso's best sellers