all day breakfast

  Ciambella alla nutella italian style doughnut sandwiched with nutella 2.75
enso cafe - vegan dish Toasted muesli with roasted strawberries, yoghurt & apple juice 4.90
enso cafe - vegan dish Salad of watermelon
orange, strawberries & dragonfruit with rosewater, pistachio powder & yoghurt
enso cafe - vegan dish Quinoa porridge vanilla, lemon, raisins, blueberry compote & pistachio 6.50
enso cafe - vegan dish Tomato bruschetta with local tomatoes,fresh ricotta & sweet basil 5.20
  Chak chouka – tunisian baked eggs with spicy sausage, tomato, peppers, olives 7.50
  Zucchini & pea fritters with streaky bacon, poached egg & salsa verde 7.50
enso cafe - favorite dishes Leek & gruyere tart with smoked salmon, poached egg, dill & buttermilk dressing 7.50
  Bacon & eggs with artisan sourdough
– scrambled, fried or poached
enso cafe - favorite dishes Keto breakfast – bacon, sausage, avocado & eggs – scrambled, fried or poached 7.00
  Homemade smoked salmon with blinis – beetroot salad and creamy whipped feta dip 7.00
enso cafe - vegan dish Sautéed field mushroom spinach with goat’s cheese & basil dressing 6.50
enso cafe - favorite dishes Eggs benedict with leg ham, baby spinach & hollandaise sauce 7.80
Mushroom, feta, onion & spinach omelette with mesclun salad and roasted tomato 5.80
enso cafe - favorite dishes The big breakfast eggs cooked to your liking, pesto mushrooms, tomato, bacon, italian sausage, hash browns, tomato relish 9.80
Bacon and egg rollwith bbq sauce 5.10
Vanilla pancakes with strawberries, banana, maple syrup & vanilla ice cream
enso cafe - vegan dish Ask for vegan option with homemade almond milk
American pancakes stacked pancakes with crispy bacon, fried egg & maple syrup 6.70
Corn & coriander cakes with a smoky corn salsa, tomato chutney, roasted cherry tomatoes & cauliflower, chipotle sauce 6.80
Pain perdu (french toast) with caramelised apple, toasted almonds & mascarpone 6.20
enso cafe - favorite dishes Avocado and feta smash poached egg on artisan sourdough 7.20
enso cafe - vegan dish enso cafe - favorite dishes Avocado smash with sauteed mushroom and chickpeas, topped with cashew nut cheese on artisan sourdough 6.50


Peanut butter, rice, egg, honey, homemade coconut yogurt 0.75
Tomato, baked beans 1.00
Avocado, mushrooms, hash browns Bacon, sausage, ham 1.50
Smoked salmon, cheese, side salad 2.00
Chicken, chips, crisps, mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables 3.00

from the enso bakery – all freshly made

Artisan sourdough toast with jam & butter 2.00
Croissant, Chocolate croissant, muffin, coconut muffin, banana bread, walnut bread (vegan) 2.50
Sausage roll
please allow 15 min for preparation time
Two scones with jam and whipped cream 3.50
Mini chocolate chip cookies
(great for on the go!)
6 for 0.75
enso cafe - vegan dish = vegan or can be prepared vegan friendly
enso cafe - favorite dishes = Enso's best sellers