“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”
-Virginia Woolf.

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Feels like home

You’ll feel right at home with our comfortable sofa. You’ll always be welcomed with a smile from our friendly staff. Just relax, there is no rush. Take the time to enjoy your meal while reading the daily newspaper or read a card from one of our many angel cards on offer.

Good Food is good mood

Our food and drinks are a celebration of life showing the respect for the power of food to make you feel good. At Enso, our food is made with love and the freshest ingredients, guaranteed to prove that healthy can be delicious! Whether you seek to celebrate with coffee and cake, cleanse with green smoothies and broth, or dive into deep nourishment with slow cooked stews, we have something to lift up your mood.

Coffee is a hug in a mug

Here at Enso we know exactly how a great cup of coffee can be just the hug-in-a-mug your day needs. We pride ourselves on delivering quality drinks that we love and know you will love back. We use only perfectly roasted beans from Feel Good Coffee, so you can sit back and relax, knowing your morning ‘hug-in-a-mug’ is the best it can be.

The Juice Worth the Squeeze

As passionate juicers at Enso we delight in taking the time to select the freshest fruit and vegetables available to create delicious juices packed with minerals, vitamins and living enzymes. Come and grab a juice that will revitalize your body and keep you nourished throughout the day. Why not try one of our bestsellers, the ‘Rejuvenator’ packed with beetroot, carrot, orange, pineapple, with a touch of turmeric and ginger.

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Nuts About Nuts!

We at Enso are nuts about nuts and we hope you are too. They are a gift from the earth and so nourishing for you. You can choose raw, roasted or turned into nut milk in minutes. Why not treat yourself to a freshly made glass of cashew or almond milk packed with all the nutrients your body needs.

Come and browse our ‘Nut Corner’ offering a wide range of quality nuts and dried fruits. Just let our Enso team know your selection and they will prepare the amount you need.

Always better together!

With the Ikigai community consisting of Ikigai Arts Center, Enso healing space, Bliss spa as well as Enso cafe you will nourish not only your body but also your mind and spirit.

Our vision is to create a community where good food, good times and good company meet in a creative and nurturing environment.

Be inspired with an art class or calm your mind with a crystal bowl sound healing session while your spirit will be uplifted by visiting one of our exhibition.

We will continue to hold creative events, workshops and classes to inspire you, believing it is always better together!

Keep in touch to learn about our caring events.

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